Utah Home Purchasing Grants!

Utah Home Buyer grants assist home buyers with down payment assistance.

These grants programs are sponsored by local cities and counties to attract home buyers into their area. Cities and counties want more people living in their municipality because it supports their revenue from utilities, merchant services and property taxes. Often these municipalities ask that you live in the area for a minimum of five years, otherwise if you sell earlier just prorate back a portion of the grant through the sell.

Several cities and counties have home grant programs available, although they do not always have funds available and may need to wait to be refunded.

These home grants helps you the most by providing a zero down mortgage program.

Example: A buyer has not own a home in more than three years and qualifies for a FHA loan. The purchase price of the home is $140,000, so the required down payment by FHA is $4,900. They applied for a grant and got $5,000. So $4,900 covered their full down payment and the remaining $100 reduced their loan amount.

Grants Programs may change and available funds may change at any time. Both the buyer and the home must qualify.

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