Are you looking for a freash start in a new direction?

A Short Sale May Be Your Answer!

Ask yourself the following questions...

Do you owe more than your home is worth?

Are you in a financial hardship?

Is your home in need of costly repairs?

Is the neighborhood declining since your home ownership?

Are you receptive to solving your current negative real estate situation?

 We will show you how to:

Sell your home for less than what you owe the lender.

Sell your home in as-is-condition.

Avoid a deficiency judgment that can effect you long term.

Avoid foreclosure costs that are building against you right now.

Settle your mortgage debt and put the financial burden behind you.


There is no cost to you at all. With foreclosure on the horizon and an auction timeline set time is a very important factor right now!



Foreclosure Short Sale
Ruined Credit  Bruised Credit
 Buy Again in 10 Years  Buy Again in 24-36 Months
 Court Ordered Judgment  Negotiated Settlement
 Large Attorney Expenses  No Cost to You
 Possible Bankruptcy  No Bankruptcy Needed
 Deficiency Judgment(s)  Debt Forgiven
 No Peace of Mind  Peace of Mind
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