Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs 

Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs -
 come from many different resources such as federal, state, county, and local cities. Most grants and down payment assistance programs are time sensitive and program specific. Some you have to pay back with a very low minimal monthly payment and some don't as long as you stay in the home for a certain period of time. Some have maximum income requirements while others don't. There are sometimes restrictions on property conditions and have specific boundary areas where they apply and of course, some don't.


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                                             Utah Housing


Utah Housing Loan - The Utah Housing Loan Porgram was established by the Utah Legislature in 1975 to provide housing for low and moderate income families of the state. There are 3 loan options within the Utah Housing Loan Program. These are: First Home Loan - for First-time Home Buyers; Home Again Loan - for Repeat Home Buyers; and Score Loan - for any Home Buyer with less than perfect credit scores. 


Why use the Utah Housing Loan program?

Individuals and families who otherwise are unable to purchase a home because of insufficient funds for a down payment and closing costs may still become homeowners by using the Utah housing loan program. 

How can I qualify for the Utah Housing Loan Program?

The following are important items to know when applying for the Utah Housing Loan Program:
1. Your total gross household income must fall within the income limit restrictions which most first time home buyers fall into this particular required guideline.
2. Your credit history must indicate that you pay your bills on time.There may be some flexibility for the Score Loan. 
3. You must be able to qualify for the government financing (FHA).
4. You must live in the home as your primary residence.
5. Non-occupant cosigners are allowed (certain restrictions may apply).

There is no cost to apply to find out if you qualify
We have helped hundreds of people purchase a home
with little or no money down! 








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