Utah Good Neighbor Next Door Program!

Good Neighbor Next Door is a revitalization program geared to improve neighborhoods and assist law enforcement offices; teachers (from pre kindergarten through high school), fire fighters and EMTs achieve housing discounted by 50%.

HUD administers the program and makes available HUD homes in the local area for purchase. Not all HUD homes are eligible for the Good Neighbor program, only select homes.

To bid on a Good Neighbor HUD home , the buyer must be a full time law enforcement offices, teachers, fire fighters or EMTs. Buyers must bid list price for the home, if there are more than one participate bidding for the house, and then the buyer is chosen by a lottery. Buyers have 10 days which to view and bid on the home. On the eleventh day, a bid is selected. The winner can purchase the home for 50% off the listed price, however a silent second lien for 50% is placed on the home until the buyer has owned the home for three years. Once the buyer has met the three year requirement, then the lien is removed and they may sell at anytime. For more information please contact us.

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