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Buying a home - We are committed to taking the time and efforts with precise precision in exploring all your individual home purchasing needs, wants, and desires. There is never a wrong time to buy the right house. The number one key factor is finding a good buy then taking the time to carefully work through the complexity of all the details of the entire home purchasing process.

Our Business Philosophy - We don't believe in working with customers; we believe in taking care of our clients. The difference between a client and a customer is this - a customer is temporary, they buy a product. A client is a valued, lasting, protected, relationship that has been built up from the foundation of trust.
Homes you can own - You will see all available homes with pictures, property tours, prices, and more importantly price reductions in your monthly payment range. Monthly payments include (PITI) Principle,Interest,Taxes,and Insurance. All values are approximate pending mortgage interest rate and property tax amount. 
Homes You Can Own For $500 (per month) Or Less
 Homes You Can Own For $600 - $700 (per month)
 Homes You Can Own For $700 - $800 (per month)
 Homes You Can Own For $800 - $900 (per month)
Homes You Can Own For $900 - $1000 (per month)
 Homes You Can Own For $1000 - $1200 (per month)
 Homes You Can Own For $1200 - $1500 (per month)


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